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Succesful Projects

Countries Worked:

United States, Canada; Nagano, Japan; Bogota, Columbia; Manila, Philippines, Australia

1,104,534 Feet

of tunnels and over 741,000 Feet of small diameter pipe.

Arrowhead Tunnels – Inline Feeder Project

97,798 cubic yards of cellular concrete was placed as backfill around 50,333 feet of twelve (12) foot inside diameter water pipe for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).

The Arrowhead West Tunnel was bored through water-bearing layers of granite and metamorphic rock, at depths of up to 1,100 feet and crossing branches of the San Andreas Fault and Arrowhead Springs Fault. Both of the Arrowhead tunnels were required to meet stringent US Forest Service restrictions on the inflow of groundwater. The contractor Shea/Kenny JV employed innovative technical solutions devised to deal with the projects extreme conditions that are now used today in the construction of new tunnels.

Pacific International Grout Company broke its own world record on the Arrowhead Tunnel project by pumping 20,060 feet in the East Tunnel placing over 6,000 cubic yards in that cell.

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