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United States, Canada; Nagano, Japan; Bogota, Columbia; Manila, Philippines, Australia

1,104,534 Feet

of tunnels and over 741,000 Feet of small diameter pipe.

New York Harbor Crossing

Cellular Concrete Backfill for New York Harbor Crossing

Pacific International Grout Company value engineered cellular concrete for backfill of the 72 inch welded steel pipe in the 9,460 foot siphon tunnel under New York Harbor between Brooklyn and Staten Island.  The contractor Tully/OHL JV chose cellular concrete to backfill the welded steel pipe to reduce the project schedule that was delayed by Hurricane Sandy.  300 psi cellular concrete was engineered to pump 7,000 feet from Brooklyn to displace ponded water in the invert.  20,537 yards of low density cellular concrete were placed.  Utility pipes were filled and abandoned with cellular concrete after backfill in full length of 9,500 foot.  Project was completed ahead of schedule.